Tuesday, 30 January 2018

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                     POTALA PALACE                                                                           The potala palace an architectural wonder,is      lhasas main landmark.It can be seen for miles    around.It was set up in the seventh century A.D. during the reign of king songtsen gampo.
the palace is located on the Red hill and covers  an area of 41 hectares.
Built at an altitude of 3,700m on the side of marpo ri or red mountain in the centre of lhasa valley,The potala walls broken only in the upper parts by straight rows of many windows.Its flat roofs at various of a fortress.There are two main parts to the potala palace,which are the red palace and the white palace.
There are one thousand chapels inside potala palace,including schools.It is very magnificient and is spiritual destination for tibetan people.Due to its grace and remarkable features, hence people were embrace by naturally.isnt it remarkable.
One most or amazing features of potala palace is the stupa tomb chapels.In these sacred areas are kept the relics of various Dalai lamas throughout the ages.The stupa of the fifth Dalai lama is the largest and oldest featured in potala palace.

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